Explosive Strip Shows From our Female Entertainers That are Guaranteed to Please

This is not a guarantee we make lightly. We’re fully aware of the bar this raises but we know we’re more than capable of exceeding your wildest fantasies and expectations. Whether for your best mate’s bucks party, an end of footy breakup, birthday celebration or any other number of reasons, if you’re looking for a naughty experience unparalleled by anything you’ve experienced before, you’ve come to the right place. When you walk out of one of our shows, you won’t be the same man that walked in – this we can promise you.

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G-string strip show

Do you know what it’s like to be the sole and intense focus of a gorgeous exotic dancer as she sensual gyrates her body over yours? Well you’re about to. You just need to book this tantalising treat and experience this female stripshow where all is revealed except a G string. This show would be suited for the more reserved party and or for a mixed crowd.

R-Rated full nude show

Not for the faint of heart, this pulse stopping nude stripshow takes promiscuous foreplay to a whole other planet as one of our gorgeous strippers shows you her naughty side and all is exposed. The most sensual solution for your bucks party woes. This type of stripshow is for a group that is not shy and wanting to add a bit of heat to your party with our incredible sexy nude stripshow.

XXX-Rated full nude show

These are the life altering experiences you cherish for a lifetime and remember with crystal clarity. You might not be able to remember your own birthday for the life of you, but every iota of information from this toy-filled freak fest will be seared into your memory until the end of time. If you know anything about our XXX-Rated shows then you’ll know this is intoxicating memory to hold onto. This show is for the more experienced male audience that can handle watching our sexy showgirls showing off there assets whilst incorporating their favourite toys.

Lesbian Duo R & X Rated shows

Watch as your inner-most fantasies are personified in this girl on girl kinky performance unlike any other. Things get wild when the girls use there toys on one another. Shock and awe fail to do this show justice as you forget to breath, blink or hide your undoubtedly very evident arousal.

Strawberries & cream show

If you thought the iconic strawberries and cream combo couldn’t get any more delightful, then you evidently haven’t seen how our girls like to consume them. When they’re done you’ll certainly have some cravings of your own

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