Best Bucks Party Ideas Across Australia

Stag parties have become even more of a cultural phenomenon than they once were. Nowadays, no man can walk down the street without hearing tales of their friends’ nights out celebrating their last days as a single man. With Australia being known for its love of parties and celebrations, it’s no surprise that the country is full of amazing bucks party ideas for every type of groom-to-be: the timid, the adventurous, and everything in between.

From beach getaways to adrenaline-pumping activities in terms of bucks party ideas, Australia truly offers it all. Here are some of the best bucks party ideas to consider if you’re sending off a mate into married life.

Boat Party on Sydney Harbour or the Gold Coast

We usually suggest cruising the pristine waters of Sydney Harbour or the beautiful Gold Coast, something you won’t usually do in everyday life. Depending on your group size, the destination you want to cruise, and how much you are willing to splurge, you can choose from our range of luxury or budget-friendly options. For instance, for more room and a higher level of comfort, you can opt for our luxury catamarans or yachts, or upgrade your topless waitress package to nude if you are feeling particularly adventurous.

You can also tailor the party to your stag group’s liking by adding activities like fishing or hiring your own DJ to spin tunes all night long – just inform us ahead of time so we can prepare everything for you!

In-Room Bucks Parties

Not every bachelor in the city would want to be out on the streets, glasses in hand and music pumping all night long. Some may also be too used to having fun at sea. So for this kind of bucks party, one could throw a hotel room party. Enjoy Platinum Pinups’ stripper packages that may include topless waitresses, wild lap dances, xxx-rated strip shows, and even lesbian performances to fit every guest’s preferences. Our girls will meet you where you are so you can focus on keeping the drinks flowing and enjoying the night away.

Private Poker Tournament

Transform your typical poker night into an unforgettable experience with our deluxe package. Picture this: a topless poker dealer orchestrating an exclusive game for your group as two captivating topless waitresses ensure your glass is never empty. For just $1,260, immerse yourself in three hours of pure fun designed to keep the stakes high and the evening thrilling. Two topless waitresses will be at your service, serving refreshments with a little extra spice.
Looking to extend the thrill? Opt for our four-hour booking for a reduced rate of $1,650, allowing for longer rounds to chase that elusive royal flush.

Wine tasting in the Hunter Valley

For a more relaxed and sophisticated experience, why not take the groom-to-be and his mates on a wine-tasting tour in the scenic Hunter Valley? Spend the day exploring different vineyards, sampling some of Australia’s finest wines, and indulging in delicious local food. Most cellar doors will charge a small fee for tastings, but, of course, expect the rates to differ depending on the winery and the type of wine being sampled.

To make the experience even more special, you can hire a private car or van to take you around and have a knowledgeable guide to give you insights into each wine and winery. There are various companies offering this type of service, so be sure to do some research and book in advance.

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