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Whatever naughty bucks party idea tickles your fancy, we will have a package to meet your budget and ensure you and your friends have a night of epic proportions. With a revolving door of gorgeous, seductresses available, you’ll truly be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the lovely ladies you’d like to accommodate you and your party on the night. All of the girls listed on our website work for us, so you can rest assured knowing whoever you fall in love with, they’ll be ready to join you on your night to remember.

Does the idea of playing poker with your best mates on a boat, whilst being served drinks by lingerie clad, topless, or nude waitresses sound like an idea conceived out of your wildest fantasies? Well this is something that we can make a reality. Bachelor parties are our speciality and each of our girls will do everything in their power to ensure everyone at your party is flustered and blushing by the end of the night.

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You know that crushing feeling when someone tells you they’re not mad at you, they’re just disappointed? Well this is the feeling that comes with knowing you’ve singlehandedly organised a mediocre buck’s night and failed in your duty as best man. Sure, the groom won’t say as much outright, but you’ll see the look of disappointment in his eyes as he thinks, I should have picked Kevin from the local bottle-o to be my best man…

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Don’t let Kevin outshine you and speak with Platinum Pinups today to ensure you’re the bestest best man your mate knows you to be. With a suite of saucy and sexy buck’s party ideas available for those throughout the East Coast, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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