• Cup Size C
  • Eye Colour blue, like the ocean
  • Height 178cm all legs
  • Dress Size Dress size 8-10
  • Best Feature Probably my legs.. because they can wrap around you hehe
  • Personality Traits vivacious - spirited - down to earth
  • Services Lingerie and Topless Waitressing Nude Waitressing
  • Additional Services LAPDANCES
  • Nationality Australian
  • Gabby 7-min
  • Gabby 6-min
  • Gabby 5-min
  • Gabby 3-min
  • Gabby 2-min
  • Gabby 1-min


Gabby is a fresh babe thats joined us. Gabby is sexy, spicy and a fun loving gal ready to make your bucks a special one. Gabby says ‘I’ve been described as the life of the party for as long as I can remember. I understand people in a different way which means I have an extra edge when working with clients. I can turn a dull hungover vibe into a night to forever remember! Or.. I can help wrap up the party when everyone needs to get under control (but please can we not.. let’s keep partying haha!)
I’m a confident and friendly girl who is also super laid back and go with the flow at the same time. Guys loves me because I’m just my silly self.. I don’t try and pretend to be anything other that me, so I’m always welcomed with laughter and warmth. I also make the effort to chat with everyone.. so you don’t need to worry about your shy friend! I know how to handle him too 😁
I love to waitress mostly because I love meeting new people, but also I LOVE attention haha! I love that I get to be sexy and have fun with the boys (and gals if they’re there too!). If you need me to help you host the evening on a microphone, or simply bring the energy into the night – I am your gal! Entertaining is my middle name.

Age: 28
Nationality: Australian/ Norwegian

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