• Cup Size a perfect C cup handful
  • Eye Colour hazel
  • Height 172cm
  • Dress Size Dress size 10
  • Best Feature Besides my fat ass, contagious smile and flirty eyes
  • Personality Traits flirtatious, funny, easy-going
  • Services Lingerie and Topless Waitressing Nude Waitressing , Confident poker dealer
  • Additional Services Xxx show, r rated show, fruit and veg show, Dom show, Lesbian show with Best friend Shortiii
  • Nationality Australian, Dutch, German
  • Kiki4-min
  • Kiki3-min
  • Kiki2-min
  • Kiki 1-min


Kiki says ‘ At a party I recently worked at the guys told me the reason they loved me compared to other waitresses they’ve had, they said bluntly that “I’m like one of the guys, but with tits!” I bring so much personality and fun to a job and I think that’s what waitressing is all about. I love being able to walk into a room of people I don’t know and kick it off with everyone there while shaking my fat ass!

Age: 26
Nationality: Australian, Dutch, German

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