Topless Waitress Services

A party is all about having fun; finding a great venue, laughing and joking with good friends and, of course, enjoying a few drinks with some super delicious food. We believe that for an event that’s not soon forgotten, there’s one additional ingredient that will make your party even better!

Our absolutely stunning ladies are sure to keep your guests entertained. Whatever your occasion, our gorgeous topless and lingerie waitresses will impress with their charm, elegance and humour.

All our girls are fun, outgoing and friendly. They are comfortable in large crowds, but just as at ease in smaller settings. So, if it’s a classy topless or lingerie waitressing service you are after, then look no further than Platinum Pinups.

Why choose our waitressing services for Sydney lingerie and topless ladies?

There’s much more to our Sydney lingerie waitressing service than simply serving food and drinks. These sexy yet very sociable girls know how to have a good time by making sure you and the other bucks have a good time too.

Yes, they’ll keep the drinks topped up, but also keep the party spirit flowing. Our beautiful girls will mingle, chat, join you for a drink or two and maybe play a few party games to really move your party to the next level.

They make it almost impossible not to have fun because they join in and have a genuinely good time themselves.

Gorgeous topless and lingerie waitresses for your next Sydney event

Whether you’re looking for a buck’s party idea, or if there is another special occasion you’re looking to host, don’t compromise when planning your party. Find a great venue, choose some fantastic food and drink, and have it all served up by our fun-loving waitressing girls either totally topless or dressed in some seriously sexy lingerie.

Our gorgeous girls will arrive ready to impress and keep everyone entertained. So contact us now and book your night in the diary to avoid disappointment!

Talk to us today to make your booking

Whether it’s our wonderful lingerie waitresses, you’d like to arrange a stripper show, or you’re interested in taking the party out to sea with the Sydney Harbour cruises we have available, you’re bound to absolutely love whatever it is we provide. Why? Because after so many years in this business, we know exactly what to do to make your event unlike any other you’ve experienced.

If you’d like to discuss anything further, or you want to reserve our girls for your big night, please call us today on
(04) 5112 3612 or use the handy online form we have and we’ll get back to you ASAP.