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Topless Waitressing Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts for Performers and Guests

Contrary to popular belief, topless waitressing is not just about having scantily clad women serving drinks at a party or event. It requires a certain level of professionalism and etiquette from both parties so everyone can have a positive and respectful experience.

Platinum Pinups is constantly shaking things up by providing topless waitressing services with a twist. Our waitresses are more than just a pretty face, they are trained professionally to deal with different types of guests, requests, and scenarios.

We prepared this guide to help both performers and guests understand the dos and don’ts of topless waitressing and ensure a successful event for all parties involved.



  1. Communicate Clearly: Good communication is key in any business. Our team will need to know what you would want to see in your topless waitressing experience so we can tailor our services accordingly. Do you want to leave the outfits up to our waitresses or do you have a specific costume, theme, or dress code in mind? Open for surprise, perhaps something out of the ordinary? Give us a hint of the type of entertainment you have in mind and we can work our magic.

  2. Be Open-Minded: Topless waitressing is all about having fun and creating a unique experience. Our performers may come up with creative ideas to liven things up, for instance, the groom-to-be may be given a lap dance or a game of beer pong may be suggested.  Be open-minded and willing to try new things, it might just make the event even more memorable. Still, if it’s way out of your comfort zone, our waitresses will respect your boundaries.

  3. Inform Our Team for Any Special Requirements: Our waitresses value the relationship between the guests, so we appreciate it if you let us know of any special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries that we can help celebrate. Celebrating with a couple? Inform us right away so we can turn down any overly flirtatious behaviour as a sign of respect.

  4. Have Fun: Last but not least, have fun! It’s not every day you get to have drinks served by beautiful, charming women. Make the most out of the experience and enjoy yourself, but be mindful of the boundaries and respect for our waitresses.



  1. Do Not Touch Without Consent: Any form of physical contact should only be initiated with clear consent from both parties. Our waitresses have the right to refuse any physical interaction that makes them uncomfortable and the same goes for the guests. Unless you’ve been invited to do so, refrain from touching our waitresses in any way.

  2. Do Not Make Inappropriate Comments or Advances: Our girls will perform and act according to what has been agreed upon beforehand. Any inappropriate comments or advances will not be tolerated and may result in the termination of services.

  3. Do Not Be Disrespectful: Regardless of what our performers are wearing and the services they are providing, please treat them with the same respect and professionalism that you would expect from any other service provider. Our business is based on mutual respect and any form of disrespect towards our waitresses will not be tolerated.

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